Arts & Culture

The arts and culture have intrinsic value. They enrich our lives by inviting us to express ourselves in new ways, and connect us through stories of a shared past and present and an imagined future. Through the arts, we can envision the world in new ways.

The field tends to focus on three aspects of the arts & culture: 1) providing opportunities for learning and skill-building for those either new to the arts in later life or those professionals who seek to continue to grow as they age in their craft; 2) integrating arts practices into health care settings for their therapeutic benefits of social engagement, skill-building, and increasing self-esteem through self-expression and understanding; and 3) using the arts and design to build communities that are accessible and engaging for people of all ages and abilities.

For elders who might find their social networks shrinking, the arts and culture provide ways to stay engaged socially, civically, and psychologically in their communities. For elders with cognitive disabilities, the arts provide a symbolic and emotionally expressive communication system that enables them to connect to their care partners and communities at large.

Heatherwood Senior Living understands the importance of the Arts for our residents. We go to the Ballet, Art Galleries , Museums and much more. We keep our residents body as well as mind active.