FAQs about Heatherwood Senior Living | Boise, ID

Does Heatherwood Senior Living provide any health care or personal care services?

Heatherwood is an independent senior housing building and does not provide any health care or personal care services. However tenants have access to a broad range of optional services from other providers in the area.. Unlike Assisted Living facilities, where tenants pay for health and care services whether they use them or not, at Heatherwood tenants pay third party providers for only those services they need and want.

Among the services available at Heatherwood from third party providers are:

  • Doctor “Home Calls” — primary and specialty physicians who come to Heatherwood on a scheduled basis to see their patients
  • Certified Home Health Aide and Companion services
  • Certified Home Health Aide night time check in service
  • Care Management services from a professional geriatric care managers, who will assist in finding and coordinating services that can help tenants stay safe, healthy and independent
  • Medication reminder service
  • Heatherwood staff can provide contact information for a variety of health and personal care options.

Are meals included in the rent?

Yes, three healthy meals a day in our restaurant style dining room are included in the rent.

Is cable and internet included in the rent?

Yes, it is included in the rent.

Are utilities included in apartment rental?

Water, heat and electric service air conditioning as well as internet are included in the rent.

Is a lease required?

No, Rent is month to month. No long term lease

What is the rent at Heatherwood Senior Living?

Please call 208-345-2150 for details.

Rents include 3 meals a day, weekly housekeeping and linen services, a wide range of activities and access to our beautiful public space and gardens.

Are apartments furnished?

Apartments are normally rented unfurnished, we have freshly new remodeled spaces available.

Apartments are freshly painted before you move in and carpets and window shades blinds are provided, in neutral colors to match tenant’s individual décor.

All apartments come with a kitchenette, including a refrigerator, stove, counter space and a sink.

Does Heatherwood have a waiting list?

Heatherwood apartment availability varies – please call (208-345-2150) to inquire about availability at this time.