Life Lives Better at Heatherwood
Beautifully Located In Boise, ID

From the Majestic Foothills views to the tranquility and recreation of the countless outdoor activities , Boise truly is a magical place for those lucky enough to call it home. Outstanding recreation, golf, shopping and cultural experiences await you when you move into Heatherwood Senior Living. Here you’ll find personal touches and activities unique to our vibrant community. Just minutes from downtown Boise and Boise State University, Heatherwood combines the beauty and recreation of Boise’s inviting climate with the amenities and services you’ve come to expect from an exceptional Senior Living.

Life Lives Better at Heatherwood…
Can Retirement Living really be different? Yes
At Heatherwood, the idea of ‘aging’ is redefined. We expect more out of the day because life is meant to be lived. We make a choice to turn left when everyone else is turning right.

Bingo’s fun, but we prefer to be a little more adventurous and involved…
Like learning to blow glass or create beautiful ceramics to donate back to a local charities. Join us at Heatherwood and “turn Left”!

It can be different…Let us show you how.
Call for information about our Silver Scholars Series.
Different Starts Today!

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