Spring Up Your Health: 5 Tips for Seniors

Spring has sprung! With the fresh air this season brings, now is the perfect time to fine-tune your focus on living a wellness lifestyle as a senior.

Being outdoors in the sunshine with greening plants and spring sounds has many effects on both your mind and body. As we become more active in this season, healing effects become apparent through reduced stress and lowered blood pressure.

Here are 5 ways for you as a senior to make the most of your wellness and put some spring in your step this season!

1. Get in Your Garden

Adds color to our world, and bring multiple benefits to your life with gardening. It’s not only an excuse to be out of doors on a lovely spring day, gardening also promotes overall health and quality of life. Your physical strength, fitness, flexibility, cognitive ability and socialization can also be promoted through this activity. 

At Heatherwood, residents may make use of our courtyard gardening boxes to plant and grow anything their heart desires! Gardening boxes are first come first serve to our residents, and those who would like to secure a space may sign up with concierge.  

2. Soak Up The Sunshine

Warm spring weather can improve your mood and also cognitive function. According to studies, spending time outdoors and getting moderate exposure to sunlight for older adults strengthens bones and may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, hip fractures, stroke and heart attack. For those who may be at risk for low vitamin D, sunshine also protects against depression and insomnia. 

We encourage you to safely absorb the sun’s rays by wearing sunscreen, a hat, long sleeves and sunglasses to avoid too much sun exposure. Our courtyard and outdoor areas feature comfortable seats and loungers for residents to enjoy on any sunny spring day! 

3. Take a Walk in Nature 

People who moderately exercise outdoors in a natural environment can have improved feelings of revitalization and energy.  After a walk in the fresh spring air you may feel less tension and be more happy and vibrant than if you were to exercise indoors. 

Heatherwood features a weekly to daily Walking Club which allows residents to get out, and get active with friends! Look for the next Walking Club activity in our monthly activity schedule. 

4. Drink Extra Water

Many of us do not drink enough water, especially after exercising, which can lead to dehydration. Those who drink plenty of water reap more cognitive health benefits from exercise. Research says, drinking water when exercising is especially important for seniors since they often have diminished thirst perception. 

5. Lighten Up Your Diet 

Many fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits such as asparagus, cucumbers, mushrooms, radishes, peppers, sweet potatoes, rhubarb and strawberries are in season in the spring. Eating seven to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits each day may help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

Our Dinning Hall features fresh and healthy items for you to select during meal times, and new spring menu items are to come soon! You can also stop by our fully stocked and always tasty salad bar any time of the day. There’s even a fruit snack station if your craving some sweet treats! 

For more tips on a healthy lifestyle, stop by Heatherwood!
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